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:abelMeister - Envelopes

Weber Consulting is pleased to announce Labelmeister Envelopes - our premier product for assisting in maintaining mailing lists that are easily upkept, searchable, and give you the freedom to customize the output for any occasion.

With two types of output (mailer or envelope) and three built-in pre-aligned typsettings, (Serif, Sans Serif, and Script), you can select different combinations to ensure that your mailings are appropriate for any occasion, recipient base, or product.

You can also add your own logo to the return addresse information!

Labelmeister 2 is designed specifically for output of envelopes, bi-fold and tri-fold mailers. You can select groups of people by criteria for mailing, print an individual, or send to everyone in the database!

Labelmeister 2 keeps track of when and if someone was sent a mailing, and allows you to easily find who is due for another round.

To top it off, Labelmeister 2 has Weber Consulting's sophisticated advanced cross-filtering system, whereupon, you can easily select a group of records in the database based on a combination of any criteria. Any information that pertains to a name, addresse, city, state, zipcode, area, or mailing date can be used to target a specific group and allows you to send them the applicable mailings.

Labelmeister is perfect for church bulletins, veterinary and doctor's office reminders, upcoming events newsletters, monthly notifications, company newsletters, and much, much more!

Got mailers or flyers to send in the mail on a regular basis? Do you know who you've mailed them to already? Do you know who still needs to be mailed? Want to make it easy? Labelmeister 2! Order today! Only $12.99 ($9.99 plus $3.00 S/H).




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