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Weber Consulting & Deanna Miles Proudly Present:

HomeMinder 1.0

HomeMinder 1.0 is the perfect tool for inventory of your precious posessions, articles of furniture, and anything else you may have that needs documented for insurance or other purposes.

Noone wants to think that they might be robbed - or worse, lose or damage their belongings in a fire, flood, or other catastrophe. The unfortunate reality is that into every life some rain must fall.

However, it need not be a desperate situation. With HomeMinder, you can inventory your valuable property, posessions, jewelry, furniture, and other items for insurance purposes, as well as store important document files!

If, for example, your necklace gets stolen, you can print out a stats sheet with all the details of your necklace, with the serial number, date and location of purchase, a description, and you can even include a picture or receipt scan*! (*Requires that you have a scanner/camera and software to save it as a BMP image).

This can help the police instantly identify your items or help your insurance company provide you with an exact replacement.

Photos and document files stored in the database can also be placed back on your harddrive in case you lose the original. Observe:

Last, but not least, you can use HomeMinder to keep track of your friends' special occasions, contact info, emergency information, and more quite easily! With the touch of a button, you can store names, numbers, websites, and even a photo of your contact*!

Protect your home. Keep copies of your official documents within easy reach. KNOW what you have, and don't be caught high and dry when reporting your loss to the insurance company. HomeMinder.

Click Here to Order Now! Only $13.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling ($16.95). Organize and protect yourself with HomeMinder from Weber Consulting.



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