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HealthSpring is designed to help you get fit, feel good, and stay in shape!

Ready to start that diet? Want to do some exercises to tone muscles, build strength, lose weight, or improve your speed and agility? HealthSpring provides all types of exercises to help you build muscle, speed, balance, coordination, flexibility, and stay fit!

You can easily monitor your workout progress, select your skill and ability level, and even keep a database of healthy recipes to ensure you always have a menu to fit your lifestyle.

Print your current workout sheets, progress record, and recipes, all at the touch of a button! Easily view your current workout and make changes instantly to suit your needs.

Exercises included cover a wide range to help you with whatever path you decide your training should take. There are speed, strength, toning, agility, cardiovascular, flexibility, stretching, and therapeutic exercises included.

Use HealthSpring to plan your workout and customize it to fit your needs. While HealthSpring has build in levels of difficulty, you can easily customize your workout, as well as manually set all levels so YOU control your workout. An exercise and health program tailor made for YOU, created BY you!

Take a look at our easy to use software:

And here we have the recipes and nutrition database:

Why wait? Start getting healthier today! Order directly from us for only $19.95 ($16.95 plus $3 shipping and handling).



Weber Consulting urges you to always check with your doctor or physician before beginning any exercise or diet regimen. Some exercises contained herein are not suitable for people with back or neck injuries. Weber Consulting claims no liability for damages to person or property, nor any liability for injuries, disabilities, etc. acquired by the use of HealthSpring, improperly or otherwise. Use of this software is considered agreement that Weber Consulting cannot be held liable for injuries of any type which may be acquired in the course of normal - or other - use. Weber Consulting and the authors have made every attempt to deliver safe, acurate information regarding the exercises contained herein. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid injury. Please check with your doctor to make sure the exercises/recipes you choose are appropriate for you, as Weber Consulting makes no guarantees as to the suitability of any of these exercises for particular cases or individuals, special cases, or otherwise. You use at your own risk. Be careful, have fun, and get healthy! Do not use if you have an existing injury or health condition which may be aggravated by these exercises. Purchase and/or use of the software indicates that you agree to the above terms. Preceeding terms may be updated without notice at any time at the discretion of Weber Consulting.


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