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Comparatively, there's nothing like FreeAssociate. In addition to being an all-purpose notepad, FreeAssociate allows you to cross-reference any fields or combination thereof, store a picture with each record, click any word to search for it (or highlight any phrase) and to easily map your way through your notes, ideas, projects, etc.

If you choose, you can use FreeAssociate for Free-Association brainstorming by following your own links to see how you might be able to integrate project concepts, and to see where certain different records overlap.

Take a look:

As you can see from the above illustration and test record, FreeAssociate is easy to use, easy to understand, cleanly laid out, and an indispensible tool for engineers, students, professors, professionals, and people who like not only being organized, but who like to see how they can combine different ideas to become more efficient. Not that you HAVE to use FreeAssociate as anything other than a memo book or notepad, but you CAN!

FreeAssociate also allows you to store a picture with each record, as follows:

(And as you can see, our lead programmer is either A.] replacing a network cable, or 2.] needs to cut back on the caffeine. Either way we think he's part ferrett.)

FreeAssociate can currently store BMP files to be looked at in this manner. GIF/JPeg/etc. updates are in the works.

This comes in handy for people who want to keep employee/volunteer profiles in the program, Or even small schematics or diagrams. Think of it as a really high-resolution sticky note for your record.

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Or you can order now for only $10.95 + $3.00s/h ($13.95)

Get organized! Be productive! Give your innovation a boost. FreeAssociate.





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