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Introducing eDiamond by Weber Consulting

Running online auctions is a lucrative, yet time consuming business. Recordskeeping is imperative to maintaining an organized office (or home business), and, as everyone knows, a well-listed auction can help bring more and higher bids.

Weber Consulting has designed (and uses) eDiamond for the express purpose of creating attractive, well formatted auctions and tracking buyers, costs, listing fees, shipping records, and printing reports for income, fees, general reference and more.

Take a look at how easy it is to create a clean, attractive, well organized auction:

And recordskepping has never been so easy:

Reports can be created at the touch of a button!

Also, due to popular demand, we've added an Inventory module to keep track of your items, stock, and their associated HTML code generated by the auction maker module. eDiamond 1.5 now handles every aspect of your online auction business.


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