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Day-minder software that's simple, reliable, and patently un-complicated.

In fact, the whole idea behind DayPlann is "simplicity". Very few home users need something as extravagant as calendar and appointment software. Building simple "to-do" lists become tedious and counter-productive in such bulky software packages.

This product is aimed at home users who want simplicity, business owners who want simple lists for their work crews, and the ability to prioritize.

You can sort items by date, whether the task has been accomplished, or by top priority.

Simply make your list, print, and go!

Adding and editing items are made into simple tasks, with easy to find buttons and easy to use commands. Accomplished tasks can be hidden from view when you're done with them.

Order today! Only $9.99 ($7.99 + $2.00 s/h)



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