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Campaign Management Software

Tired of keeping track of thousands of names on an Excel sheet? How about sifting through lists for hours to find people who've agreed to help you place lawn sign, phone bank, trying to figure out where all the donations came from? Figuring out who belongs to what union and whom to invite to help you march in the Thanksgiving parade?

Weber Consulting has found the solution in CampData. CampData is a campaign management program capable of helping you to keep track of all your volunteers, donors, mailings recipients, and staffers, as well as their skills.

It is an invlauable tool for any political campaign.

If, however, you have thousands of names in an Excel sheet (or even an Access database), there's no need to worry! Weber Consulting can easily take your files and integrate them into the program before we ship it to you for a small fee. (contact for particulars as different files and amounts of data have varying rates. Most are between $25 and $60)

Have a look at CampData in action:

As you can see, CampData is an invaluable organization and management tool in your endeavours.

For more information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact Weber Consulting at

To order, click the order button on the toolbar to the left or simply Click Here. At $39.80, CampData is affordable, indispensable, and a necessary part of your campaign!




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