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AutumnHearth - Weber Consulting ©2001 Duffy P. Weber

Welcome to the AutumnHearth page. Weber Consulting is very proud of our newest product. AutumnHearth is our new recipe organization program. We’ve combined the power and speed of our industry and business database programs with the ease of use that comes with a Windows application. The result is a fast, easy to use program that organizes and sorts your recipes, makes them easy to look up, and prints them out in an attractive, easy to read format.

This program is perfect for those of you who don’t have the time to wade through an entire box of recipe cards every evening. We’ve even put over 40 recipes in it as a special thank-you for ordering. It ranges from Chili to Lobster Bisque to Brown Sugar Hawaiian Ham.

Take a look at the screen shots below. If you’d like details, have questions, or would like to order a copy, you can E-mail us by clicking here.

Here's a snapshot of the AutumnHearth recipe lookup screen. It includes a "Quick Lookup" bar where you can simply type the name of the recipe and it displays it on the screen.

Chicken & Dumplings - Duffy Weber recipe .. AutumnHearth can print out recipes in two formats (8.5"x11" sheets or 4.25"x5.5" cards) for easy reference. If it gets messy in the kitchen, simply throw it away and print a new one! Also great for giving a copy of your recipes to a friend!

We've even included a nutritional information module for those health-conscious individuals who wish to keep track of their recipes' nutritional properties!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding AutumnHearth by E-mailing us. Just click here!

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