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Weber Consulting Ltd.
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About Us:


We are extremely proud of our capabilities and our top-notch service. You'll find Weber Consulting offers competent, experienced engineers who will find the most effective solution to meet your needs. Here's how:

We are a consulting and programming service for businesses, and deal with network setup, administration, and upgrade, business systems, customized programs for your business, and general consulting and implementation of new technology in your offices.
We also are a systems analysis and repair business. We can install and fix hardware, software, networks, and communications systems. We even do home PC repair, services and installations locally. In short, from installing modems and repairing harddrives to creating custom corporate network programs, there’s nothing we don’t do.
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A note from Duffy, the owner, to celebrate the upcoming 20-year anniversary of Weber Consulting:

Duffy Weber - Owner of Weber Consulting and Hula-Cow Studios

"Hi! I'm Duffy Weber, owner and proprietor of Weber Consulting Ltd.

I'm honored and proud to have served all of you for the past 20 years, and I look forward to the next 20! I remember starting Weber Consulting in North Carolina, and rebuilding it from scratch back in 2004, in Cincinnati Ohio. Along the way I've met many wonderful people, and I have been happy to be of service to you all.

To all our clients, past and future, many, many thanks! "

-Duffy P. Weber




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